AIChE IoT of Brewing Workshop 2017

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We will be attaching a spreadsheet breaking down start-up costs shortly.

Here is an example spreadsheet of some recipes we broke down from BrewToad adapting from a 5 gallon brew to a 7 gallon brew.


Team up with a professor and an administrator. Having faculty on your side can help. In Canada we operate under a home brewing liscense which means that we can brew as much beer as we want as long as we do not sell it. We must either donate the beer or drink it all (You guess which option we choose). Research the brewing liscenses in your state and ensure that you are obeying the rules. When you approach administration it is important that you have an answer to any question that they have.

Ensure that no one under the legal drinking age that participates in this project. The second you start breaking or bending rules you will be shut down.


Food safety is incredibly important when brewing. Ensure that everything is sanitized and that you are not contaminating any equipment. Store any materials in metal buckets to avoid rats or mice getting into your materials. Keep in mind that any hops must be stored in the freezer and yeast must be stored in a fridge.